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Plastering Ballarat

For top-quality plastering services in Ballarat, look no further than Local Plasterer. Our skilled team brings expertise and precision to every project, ensuring flawless results that stand the test of time. Whether it’s repairs, renovations, or new installations, we prioritize customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Trust Local Plasterer for your next project and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us now to transform your space with expert plastering in Ballarat.

Expert Plastering Ballarat

When you need a plastering job done right, call in the experts. Plastering Ballarat can be a tricky business, and if it’s not done correctly, you could end up with a mess on your hands. That’s why it’s important to trust professionals who know what they’re doing. At Local Plasterer, we have years of experience under our belts and can guarantee a flawless finish every time. So, we’re the team to call whether you’re looking to have your walls plastered or your ceiling repaired. We also take pleasure in our job and will do everything we can to maintain our excellent reputation.

We serve Ballarat , Victoria, and the surrounding areas. Our company has built a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and efficient. We’re always on time and never cut corners for your walls, ceilings, etc. Our service is second to none. No job is too big or too small for us. We’re always happy to help.

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Our Plastering Services Includes

Local Plasterer offers a comprehensive range of professional plastering services in Ballarat, including:

Plasterboard Installation

Our expert plasterers can install plasterboard walls and ceilings for your new home build, extension, renovation or commercial project. Also known as drywall or gyprock, plasterboard provides a smooth, even surface ready for painting, wallpapering or other finishes. We can supply and install standard and specialty plasterboards to suit your needs and budget, including fire-rated, sound-insulated, moisture-resistant and flexible plasterboard.

Plasterboard Repair

Damaged, cracked or holed plasterboard walls and ceilings look unsightly and can lead to further issues if not repaired promptly. Local Plasterer provides fast, efficient plasterboard repairs to restore your walls and ceilings to like-new condition. We can patch small holes, fill cracks, replace damaged sections of plasterboard, and re-tape and re-plaster joints for a seamless finish.


Cement rendering is a popular choice to enhance the exterior of brick, concrete block or stone homes and buildings. A rendered finish not only looks great, but also protects the underlying surface from the elements. Local Plasterer are rendering specialists, with expertise in all types of render including traditional sand and cement, acrylic, pre-mixed, and textured finishes. We can match any render style to complement your property.

Solid Plastering

For a premium, durable finish for interior walls, you can’t beat traditional solid plastering, also known as wet plastering. This technique involves applying a 10-12mm thick layer of plaster over brickwork, concrete or blueboard to create a hard, smooth surface. Solid plastering allows for decorative details and curves not possible with standard plasterboard. Local Plasterer are skilled in solid plastering for both modern and heritage homes.

Ornamental Plastering

Add a touch of elegance and character to your home with decorative ornamental plastering. Our artisan plasterers can create beautiful ornate ceilings, cornices, ceiling roses, corbels, arches and other architectural features to enhance your interior design. We specialize in period-style ornamental plastering to restore or recreate the charm of heritage homes. Local Plasterer uses traditional fibrous plaster and modern plaster products for intricate detailing and durability.

Cornice Installation

Cornices are the decorative moulding that covers the join between walls and ceilings. Available in a range of classic and contemporary profiles, cornices provide an elegant finishing touch to any room. Local Plasterer installs plaster cornices with precision for a flawless result. We can match your existing cornices for a seamless extension or help you choose the perfect style for your home.

Plaster Coving

Coved ceilings, where the ceiling curves gently to meet the wall, are a stunning architectural feature that can make a room feel more spacious and luxurious. Local Plasterer specializes in the installation of plaster coving, also known as vaulting. Our skilled plasterers can create beautiful bespoke coving to suit any room size or style, from subtle to dramatic.

Venetian Polished Plaster

For a truly luxurious, high-end wall finish, consider Venetian polished plaster. This ancient Italian technique involves applying thin layers of tinted lime plaster, which are then burnished to a smooth, marble-like sheen. Local Plasterer are trained in the art of Venetian polished plaster, using authentic materials and methods to achieve a stunning, unique result. Ideal for feature walls or entire rooms.

Plaster Repairs

As well as repairing damaged plasterboard, Local Plasterer can restore and repair all kinds of plaster surfaces and features. We have experience repairing heritage lath and plaster walls, ornate ceilings, cornices, ceiling roses and archways. Our team can match the original style and materials for a sympathetic repair that blends seamlessly. We also repair newer solid plaster and rendered walls.

Our Process

At Local Plasterer, we follow a tried and tested process to ensure that every project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our process includes:

  1. Initial consultation: We meet with you to discuss your project, assess your needs, and provide a free quote.
  2. Preparation: We prepare the site by protecting your floors and furniture, removing any old plaster, and cleaning the surface.
  3. Plastering: Our skilled plasterers apply the plaster using the latest techniques and tools to achieve a flawless finish.
  4. Finishing: We sand and smooth the surface to create a seamless finish that is ready for painting or other finishes.
  5. Clean-up: We clean up the site, removing all debris and leaving your space spotless.

Throughout the process, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Our Services

Our Services Includes

Ceiling Plasterer Services

  • Crack Repairs: Professional repair of cracks in ceilings to restore their appearance and integrity.
  • Cornice Installation and Repair: Installation of decorative cornices and repair of existing ones to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling.
  • Ceiling Restoration: Comprehensive restoration services for old and damaged ceilings to bring them back to their original state.
  • Ornamental Plastering: Custom ornamental plastering services for a unique and elegant ceilingdesign.

Solid Plastering Services

  • Exterior Wall Rendering: Applying a durable and weather-resistant plaster finish to exterior walls for both protection and aesthetics.
  • Acrylic Rendering: Use of acrylic-based renders for a more flexible and crack-resistant finish.
  • Texture Coating: Application of textured coatings for a unique finish on walls and facades.
  • Mould Prevention: Solutions to prevent mould growth on plastered surfaces, ensuring long-term durability.

Dry Wall Plastering Services

  • Installation: Expert installation of drywall for new constructions and renovations.
  • Finishing: Skilled finishing of drywall including taping, sanding, and priming for a smooth surface.
  • Repair: Quick and efficient repair of holes, dents, and other damage to drywall.
  • Soundproofing: Installation of soundproofing solutions within drywall to reduce noise transmission.

Gyprock Plasterer Services

  • Gyprock Installation: Precision installation of Gyprock for walls and ceilings in new builds and refurbishments.
  • Partitioning: Creation of functional and aesthetic partitionsusing Gyprock for office spaces and homes.
  • Decorative Features: Custom Gyprock solutions for decorative features such as bulkheads, coffered ceilings, and feature walls.
  • Fire-rated Systems: Installation of fire-rated Gyprock systems for enhanced safety and compliance with building codes.

Commercial Plastering Services

  • Office Fit-outs: Tailored plastering solutions for office fit-outs, including partitions, ceilings, and feature walls.
  • Retail Spaces: Specialized plastering services for retail spaces, focusing on aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Large Scale Projects: Capabilities to undertake large-scale plastering projects such as apartment buildings and commercial complexes.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep commercial properties in top condition.

Plastering Ballarat Services by Local Plasterer

Local Plasterer is a leading plastering company providing top-quality plastering services throughout the Ballarat region. Our team of skilled and experienced plasterers is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for both residential and commercial projects. We take pride in serving all main areas and localities in Ballarat, ensuring that our clients receive the best plastering solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Areas We Serve

  1. Ballarat Central
  2. Ballarat East
  3. Ballarat North
  4. Ballarat West
  5. Alfredton
  6. Bakery Hill
  7. Black Hill
  8. Brown Hill
  9. Buninyong
  10. Canadian
  11. Delacombe
  12. Eureka
  13. Golden Point
  14. Invermay Park
  15. Lake Gardens
  16. Lake Wendouree
  17. Lucas
  18. Mount Clear
  19. Mount Helen
  20. Mount Pleasant
  21. Nerrina
  22. Newington
  23. Redan
  24. Sebastopol
  25. Soldiers Hill
  26. Wendouree

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of plastering depends on the size and complexity of the job, the type of plastering required, and the condition of the existing surface. As a rough guide, expect to pay around $20-$50 per square meter for standard plasterboard installation, $30-$70 per square meter for rendering, and $80-$200 per square meter for solid plastering. Ornamental and specialty finishes like Venetian plaster may cost more. For an accurate quote based on your specific needs, please contact Local Plasterer for a free assessment.

The time required for your plastering job will depend on the size of the area, the type of plastering, the amount of preparation needed, and whether it is a new installation or a repair. A small plasterboard repair may only take a few hours, while plastering a whole house could take several weeks. Weather conditions can also impact the drying time for exterior rendering. Local Plasterer will give you an estimated timeline before starting the job.

Before Local Plasterer arrives to start work, you may need to clear the area of furniture and belongings, and cover floors with drop sheets. If we are installing plasterboard, the room will need to be empty and any electrical or plumbing work completed first. For exterior rendering, you’ll need to clear access to the walls and remove any obstacles like pot plants. Our friendly team can advise you on how to prepare for your specific plastering job.

Correctly installed and finished plaster should be durable and low maintenance. To keep your plaster walls and ceilings looking their best, dust and vacuum regularly, and wipe any marks with a soft damp cloth. Avoid pushing furniture directly against the walls. If your plaster does get chipped or damaged, contact Local Plasterer for a professional repair to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Yes, Local Plasterer specializes in heritage plastering and ornamental plasterwork. We can match the existing solid plaster in your period home for a seamless repair or extension. Our experienced plasterers can also recreate missing or damaged decorative features like ceiling roses, cornices and archways to authentic specifications. We use traditional lime plaster and modern plaster products for strength and durability.

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If you are looking for expert plastering services in Melbourne, contact Local Plasterer today. We offer free quotes and consultations to help you get started on your project. You can reach us by:

We look forward to working with you and transforming your space with our top-quality plastering services.

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